About Us

We are consultan that provide services in the field of consultancy, guidance as well as data processing and analysis. Established since 2008, we have served hundreds of processing data both for the purpose of completion of studies students, as well as research conducted by government agencies, state enterprises and private companies.

Usually the data processing in the form of multiple linear regression analysis, analysis of variance (ANOVA), the experimental design (design of experiment), the simultaneous equation model analysis, structural equation modeling (SEM), linear programming models or quantitative models lainnya.Untuk demand for data processing services, you live send email via your data and submit your analysis of what you want or lecturer. The results of the analysis will be presented the following explanation written and oral explanations of communication media when needed.

We provide support services to perform data analysis or survey in accordance with what you want. We not only process data but also interpret and over again, we will make you understand about statistical significance, at least according to what you need.

The services we provide can be applied the purposes of research for Bachelor, Master and PhD student, surveys, decision-making in the company, or support for the presentation of data or surveys even for public election candidates, electability candidates and so on. In fact we believe that you actually able to resolve your problem, but we will help make it easier so that you have plenty of time for other purposes. If you are having trouble, then we will be happy to provide assistance.

We accept statistical data processing services, such as linear regression (simple and multiple), correlation, analysis of variance (ANOVA), t test, F test, linearity, normality test, classical assumptions (heteroscedasticity, normality, multicollinearity, autocorrelation), Kolmogorov Smirnov, validity and reliability, one-way / two-way ANOVA, path analysis, structural equation modeling (SEM), etc. Data processing software we use: SPSS, Eviews, Lisrel, AMOS and PLS. The results of statistical data includes reading and interpretation.

At the moment we learned Statistics are not to care how to link the theory with the application in either study for preparing research reports, thesis, or dissertation. Therefore, we often encounter difficulties when trying to process research data. Another difficulty is often experienced as well is when we want to process the data with SPSS for this program is rarely taught when we learned Statistics.

Not a few students who are experiencing difficulties and problems in making the thesis, dissertation, thesis or dissertation on the statistical data processing. For some people, the statistics are considered a complicated science, filled with formulas are complicated and required precision and accuracy in counting.

Based on the conditions there are always people who need the services for processing and statistical discussion, we opened the statistical consulting services. This service is intended for students, researchers, entrepreneurs and general users who are involved in the process of calculation, processing, and interpretation of statistical data for a variety of disciplines. Starting from; the field of education, non-educational; social field or exact; undergraduate, graduate or doctoral level.

The services we provide include consultation ranging from research methodology, data processing and discussion of the results if the data. Often we deal with a client who needs help not just calculate the data, but the further we discuss and share about understanding the process behind the calculations we made.
Facts on the ground that we encountered showed that many students are working on a data processing duplication process copy-paste from the results of previous studies without further scrutinize and understand the what and why. We strive to provide consulting services not only count but further discussion so that our clients get more than just a data calculation services.

Data processing supervised by senior lecturer of statistics, multivariate analysis or other quantitative models. Some reasons to use our services: the execution of the data thesis supervised by senior lecturer in statistics and research methodology and the doctoral program. The results are given a detailed interpretation so that it can be used as the main component of chapter 4 or chapter Result and Analysis.  The Students are given an explanation via telephone or Skype.  Affordable cost and paid after results processing of data submitted, so that students do not bear the risk. Transactions in the cyber world is high risk. Working process is very quick. For cases that are very urgent, can be completed in just 3-5 hours. For thesis data processing service requests, you just send it via e-mail your data and submit your analysis of what you want or lecturer. The results of the analysis will be presented the following explanation written and oral explanations of communication media when needed.

In general, if a data request thesis with quantitative method includes a series of tests and analysis of data, among others: a test instrument or questionnaire study (test reliability and validity test), test the basic assumptions (normality test, homogeneity, linearity), the classical assumption aberration test (Multicollinearity, heteroscedasticity, autocorrelation), Linear Regression, Path Analysis, Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) . Consulting with face to face can be done in the office or campus consultant for living in Greater Jakarta. For those who live outside the Greater Jakarta, certainly also for those who live in Greater Jakarta, the consultation can be done via telephone or by Yahoo Messenger and Skype. To request data processing services thesis, just send your data via email and submit your analysis of what you want or lecturer. The results of the analysis will be presented the following explanation written and oral explanations of communication media when needed. Some researchers call us for data analysis services to help them achieve their research projects. Our first step is to fully understand the needs of your research. Then we determine the best statistical method to achieve the objectives of the research, given the type and amount of data available. If you do not have the relevant data, our first step is to give consultation in creating an optimal methodology for collecting data needed. With the experience as a consultant and lecturer research methods, managerial economics, statistics and econometrics in economics doctoral programs and master programs in Jakarta, we can solve research problems that you face.